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Talent in bedrijf

Talent in Bedrijf focuses on strengthening of the management, executive management and specialised functions in both public sector organisations and the business sector. One of our core activities is the finding and scouting of talent. We approach potential candidates and open conversations on behalf of organisations and companies. From our own expertise and experience we showcase a high professional level and we know to trace and place people in the context of the company or organisation.
You know what you’re passionate about, so you follow that path in your career, as you might do in sports. This will allow you to develop yourself naturally by focusing on your strong points, which will be rewarding to yourself and others will see this as well. You are responsible for giving direction to this development. Be aware of your own talent.

Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and Selection are often seen as one term. They are, however, two different professional areas that both deserve a lot of attention.


Career coaching will increase your self-knowledge and ability for self-management. You will be much more confident in your career choices and reach your goals quicker.

Aanleg is niet genoeg, talent is niet genoeg, herkennen van en ontwikkelen van Talent door de persoon zelf vanuit de motivatie, de wil en met inzet plus de doelgerichte houding leidt naar prestatie, succes, plezier en beloning. Bart Boerema

focus on passion