Continuïty in cooperation


Recruitment and Selection are often seen as one term. They are, however, two different professional areas that both deserve a lot of attention. In this modern day and age, recruitment knows many developments and successful channels to come to a good communication strategy for the job market. Nowadays, a mix of different channels must be used to approach the candidates who fit the required profile. With regard to this job market communication, Talent in Bedrijf uses an agency which is specialised in this particular field. We assess the proposition and work out the strategy to a practical approach.

Candidates must be able to show their interest in an easy manner, through clear communication which is factually correct and attractively designed. We achieve this by direct search, a daily Talent in Bedrijf activity, and indirect search, and by using social media, Internet, LinkedIn and possibly with an advert in a newspaper or professional magazine. The reactions are registered in a watertight back-office system. The candidate’s information is stored and will remain accessible to the consultants. We can also handle all correspondence, in whatever form.


Based on the function’s profile, we help the client decide on the most important characteristics, skills and competences looked for by the client. The interview takes place through questions, and the candidate is asked to talk about motivation and skills relative to the function. The starting method is often the guideline we use to shape the interview. There is no rigid structure, but a natural and organic interview, so that the candidate can give explanations and contribute. This way the interview provides the opportunity to reflect on what has been learned in the past and in specific situations. Most important are own role or task, the personal action and the achieved result. This is what characterises the candidate best.


For all the parts of the selection, putting together the right process is essential. What instruments are used for the selection? Letter and CV selection, interviews in one or multiple rounds. The information of the interview can be added too and made more in-depth because of psychological examination and/or assessment centre. Talent in Bedrijf organises a customised process, adjusted to the function, the company or the organisation. We don’t do everything ourselves and/or with the same consultant. The right professional, with fitting expertise, provides the best guarantee for an effective process, and guarantees that the right steps will be taken. We support the candidates in taking the right choices in their careers, and trust that the most successful collaboration is mostly based on having the right click between employer and employee. In order to find out where the finesses are every time, there is a need for experience, insight, knowledge and methods. Furthermore, selection is a mutual and equal collaboration between employer and employee. Both do selection. The privacy-law requires a watertight back office system.


Talent in Bedrijf applies assessment where it is needed and where it has added value. We acknowledge the value of recent assessments of candidates and are stubborn enough to look for own observations and findings. The bar is often high, but realistic and close to the reality of the function, and can be added as part of an interview round. The psychologists that are used for an assessment have years of test experience with bigger assessment bureaus, both in the corporate world and the government. Based on expertise and experience, we develop an assessment, based on practical situations and the person in question.
Assessments are put together and supervised under auspices of a psychologist with NIP certification, and feedback is given in person. Clarity about the suitability and the possibilities for development can be seen in the results for the candidate. The candidate can then select himself or herself for the function, so to speak.

During development assessments, the possibilities for development are described, and an indication is given for which context does the most justice to the talents of the candidate. And in which way the development can take place most effectively. Reports contain a description of the personal strength, drive and unique, observed talents of the candidate. We give advice for more effective achievements.

Continuïty in cooperation