People with passion lead


Career coaching will increase your self-knowledge and ability for self-management. You will be much more confident in your career choices and reach your goals quicker. You will get tools and inspiration to look at and approach things differently. Career coaching is very useful for people who are asking themselves what they actually want, and for those who wonder how they can get there. Work can motivate, inspire and give you positive energy. This will happen when you use those talents that will make you passionate about what you do. And when you can use your motivation in an environment in which you will find the values that really matter to you. This will give you the drive to perform better, feel better and make you burst with energy. That’s when you work with passion.

Talent in Bedrijf has the mission to help others find the passion in their work. This does not necessarily mean a whole new career. An adjustment within your current situation, or even just the confirmation that you’re in the right place, can lead to (renewed) passion and positive energy.

You want to know where you want to go to and which steps you need to take to get there. You will investigate where your strengths lie. Or make an assessment of your position in the job market.

What are you passionate about and what comes naturally and easy? It’s important to work on your weaker points, but it’s much cleverer to work on your strong points. Those strengths should be the leading factor in your career.

Can your skills and experiences be an asset in a new career? Do you need to gain additional knowledge?

Your network also plays a role in the success of your career. We will map out your network, extend it where possible, and show you how you can make optimal use of it.

After several coaching meetings, you can look for the path that lies ahead of you. This can be a next step in your career, further development in your current career or even the start of an entirely new career or your own business.

Talent in Bedrijf offers custom-made career coaching. We will have an extensive introduction meeting, after which a concrete step-by-step plan is made based on the client’s specific needs.

People with passion lead!