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Interim management

In today’s turbulent markets, unexpected situations can occur. The sudden departure of a manager/director or a temporary need for additional specific knowledge and/or experience. But you can also find your company in an eleventh hour situation. Business has not been going well for some time, and the current management is unable to implement the necessary changes within the own organisation. An experienced interim manager can make all the difference in these kind of crisis situations. A fresh pair of eyes can put things into perspective, but also the experience of the interim manager in change management will ensure the right approach and the required result.

Talent in Bedrijf will actually put talent to work!

This process is done quickly and professionally. The interim question is identified and the required final result is formulated. After this, Talent in Bedrijf will search its large and up-to-date network to find the interim manager who will be the perfect match. During this process, we use a model of the 3 A’s:

Assignable: does the interim manager have the right relevant experience? Did he/she develop the right competences in order to achieve the required result? Does he/she, on a personal level, match with the organisation and the people he/she has to work with?

Available: is the interim manager available when he/she is needed?

Affordable: do the costs for hiring the interim manager correlate with the severity of the job?

It is our experience that, when all three A’s can be ticked off, you have the best chance of a successful match. All this will, of course, be further investigated during the interviews. During the assignment, Talent in Bedrijf will be closely involved in the progress and will be frequently in touch with both the interim manager and the client. We will also make sure that we work with a model agreement that has been approved by the Dutch Tax Authorities. This will lighten the administrative burden of the interim manager and the client, so they will be able to focus completely on the content of the job.

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